An Erasmus plus project to support the hospitality trade in developing a vegetarian-vegan offer by creating tools inspired from the ECVET approach, training both vocational education trainers and business traineeship mentors and developing a new label awarded to catering businesses committing themselves to a vegetarian vegan friendly approach.

An extra qualification on plantbased cuisine is offered to hospitality students who will have the opportunity to attend a European traing session in Tartü.

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Together with traineeship mentors, an e-learnig package is made available to teachers involved in the experimention of the ECVET approach through our Units of Learning Outcomes on plantbased cuisine.A specific European trainig scheme for teachers invoved in the project will be arranged in Budapest to experiment the aseesment of knowledge skills and competence gained by vocatioanal education through RTGH pathways.

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Introducing plant-based menu items really makes sense; if your restaurant strives to meet the growing demand for vegetarian-vegan alternatives, you will definitely cater to a wider market. RTGH partnership - and particularly its label - is here to support you in addressing this growing demand from a clientele which includes the growing trend of flexitarians.

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